Water Clarifier

Item #: 53937 / A20016

UPC: 871980305429

TotalPond's Water Clarifier is a potent solution that draws sediment particles together until they fall to the bottom of the pond to be processed through a filter. This process quickly cleans cloudy water and leaves your pond cleaner and clearer. We suggest following up your dosing of this product with Sludge Remover a few days later.

  • Water Clarifier quickly cleans cloudy water by eliminating floating particles by making them heavy enough to sink to the bottom of the pond.

  • TotalPond Water Clarifier produces the best results when used in tandem with our Sludge Remover.

  • A 16 oz. bottle treats up to 960 gallons of water.

  • Before using water treatments, make sure there is vigorous aeration (ie. fountain, waterfall, etc) to avoid low oxygen levels. Wait at least 7-10 days before adding fish to the water.

  • Safe for fish and plants when used in accordance with instructions. Please contact Customer Service with any questions or concerns before using this product.