Sludge Remover

Item #: 53929 / A20019

UPC: 871980305450

TotalPond's Sludge Remover eliminates sludge that can clog up your filter. Sludge can rapidly buildup and make your pond unsightly and foul smelling. This product is intended for use in self-contained ponds and fountains that have no outflow.

  • Sludge Remover contains beneficial bacteria that controls odors, reduces organic build-up at the bottom of the pond, improves filter efficiency, and helps maintain a healthy pond ecosystem.

  • TotalPond Sludge Remover produces the best results when used in tandem with our Water Clarifier.

  • If using a UV Clarifier in your pond, turn it off before adding Sludge Remover and keep it off for 5 days after application.

  • A 16 oz. bottle treats up to 960 gallons of water.

  • Safe for fish and plants