How to Build a Lit Spillway Above Ground Pond


Items You Will Need:


Step 1

Begin by using twine to layout the base of your new water feature. Following the twine, lay the first row of paver stones. Be sure to use a level to ensure the feature does not slope.

Step 2

Continue laying paver stones, leveling periodically. Lay a middle line of pavers, this will be the wall your spillway sits in.

Step 3

Once you’ve constructed 3/4 of the water basin portion of your feature, lay your liner over that portion and cut away the excess.


Step 4

Continue adding pavers to secure the liner. Once you’ve completed the water basin portion, proceed with building up the back of the water feature.

Step 5

Begin filling the water basin.


Step 6

Assemble the 14 in. Water Cascade with White LED Lights, including attaching it to the pump with 1 in. tubing, and place the spillway between pavers.


Step 7

Once you’ve completed building your water feature, place the pump in your water basin.

Step 8

Plug in the pump and the spillway - Enjoy!


Add pea gravel and tabletop torches atop the backstop portion of your water feature for an additional attraction. The 6-pc LED Mini Lights and 3-pc Pond & Landscape Lights can also be added for more lighting in and around your new water feature.