How to Create a Classic Urn Fountain


Items You Will Need:

  • Container Fountain Kit with LED Light
  • 30 in. H Stone Scalloped Rim Jar in Limestone
  • 1-1/4 in. x 6 in. Drill Bit
  • Qty. 5 Pavers
  • Qty. 6 Blocks
  • Black Plastic Nursery Container (no holes)
  • 3 bags of Black Polished Pacific Pebble
  • Protective gloves
  • Safety Eyewear

Step 1

Drill a hole on the bottom of the planter that is 1-¼ in. wide using the 1-¼ in Drill Bit.

TIP: Wear safety glasses when operating an electric tool.

Step 2

Assemble the Container Fountain Kit with Light. Determine the height you’d like the feature to sit with slack in the cord so you can position the pump in the center of the planter.

TIP: Mark the height on the cord with chalk.

Step 3

Position the cord through the hole to your mark.  Apply epoxy to fill the hole around the cord.  Wait a minimum of 1.5 hours for the epoxy to harden.

TIP: Do not move the cord while the epoxy is setting.


Step 4

Once epoxy has hardened, flip the planter over and add a small amount of water to test for leaks.  For extra seal, we recommend reinforcing the seal with a caulk.

Step 5

Once you are certain there is no leak, place the 5 smaller pavers under the planter.  These will help will the cord running out the bottom.  

Step 6

Once the planter is positioned, add the 6 pavers into the planter. Notice that your assembled TotalPond® Container Fountain Kit with Light is draped over the back of the planter. Place a black planter with no holes over the pavers to conceal them.


Step 7

Position the TotalPond® Container Fountain Kit with Light on the pavers and begin to fill with water until the pump is fully submerged. TIP: We recommend covering the pavers inside the planter with a black planter or bucket to make them less visible.

Step 8

For a finishing touch, add the 3 bags or more of the black pebbles around the base of the planter. Plug it in and enjoy!