Chlorine Remover Plus

16 oz. Item #: 53933 / A20011

16 oz. UPC: 871980305399

64 oz. Item #: 42448 / A20035

64 oz. UPC: 871980410345

TotalPond’s Chlorine Remover Plus can be used to help balance your water. It instantly removes chlorine and chloramines and detoxifies heavy metals that are commonly found in tap water. We recommend adding Chlorine Remover Plus whenever you add new fish to the pond because it replenishes their natural coating and reduces fish stress that may occur when introduced to a new environment. TotalPond’s Chlorine Remover Plus works fast to generate a healthy equilibrium and establish beneficial bacteria in your water garden.

  • Chlorine Remover quickly removes harmful chemicals from tap water that are toxic to fish.

  • TotalPond Chlorine Remover is ideal when adding water to a pond, introducing new fish, opening in spring, and closing in winter.

  • A 16 oz. bottle treats up to 1,920 gallons of water

  • A 64 oz. bottle treats up to 7,568 gallons of water

  • Safe for fish and plants

64 oz. bottle coming soon (2019)