Backyard Trends for 2017

As spring approaches quickly, now is the time to plan ahead for any new backyard designs. Whether your yard is a tiny patch of green grass or a large yard with tons of trees and rolling hills, you want it to accentuate the beauty and charm of your home. No matter the size, you can create a backyard environment that reflects your lifestyle and fits your budget. As with fashion, landscaping styles are different from year to year. To have the hottest garden this spring, check out these backyard trends for 2017.


Simplicity and Structure

“Less is more” has never been more in style. Trends for 2017 are suggesting landscape design that offers simple styling and structure. Simple, thriving, greenery like dwarf plants can create a comfortable, calming outdoor atmosphere in your yard. But definitely combine a variety of sizes, shapes, textures and colors in your landscaping to create a yard with effortless, yet stunning, aesthetic appeal.


Edible Gardens

Edible gardens are the inexpensive way to put healthy food on the table while having a beautiful, easy to maintain garden. With minimal effort and the right plants, soil, light and water conditions, you can grow plenty of edible flowers, berries, fruits, vegetables, and herbs right outside your back door that you and your family can enjoy. This type of garden is in line with the simplistic lifestyle trend of 2017 and will help you get back to basics.


Using Natural Materials For a Natural Look

It’s time to get a little wild! Gardeners are starting to implement a natural look for their gardens, which means letting it get a little wild and growing more than usual. Incorporating wildflowers, ornamental grasses, and native plants will help achieve this look and saves time as these plants are easier to maintain than other exotic options. As for materials, designers are noticing renewed interest in natural resources and a less geometric style. Designer Julie Blakeslee at Big Red Sun in Austin, Texas, says, “Rather than clean and modern, clients are asking for a more old-fashioned, more DIY look in their gardens.” A new trend is also to mix old and new styles, like modern and traditional. Richard Hartlage of Seattle-based Land Morphology states, “It’s not about modern or traditional anymore but how you combine the two in a compelling way, either by putting modern elements in a traditional garden or incorporating bold, traditional elements in a modern garden.”

Hartlage also sees a keen interest in natural, tactile materials like wood and stone for the built elements of a garden.  With increased interest in the environment, using green materials that are eco-friendly is also a major design trend in 2017. Opting for green materials helps to promote a healthy environment for your family and cut down on air pollution and toxic gases in the atmosphere.


More Water Features

Relaxing by the pond is now “THE THING” to do. The soothing sounds of running water will establish an inviting, relaxing atmosphere that will help you wind down after a hectic day. Outdoor water features are great 2017 landscape design trends that can turn a plain backyard into a tropical haven instantly. Water fountains, whether free standing or a feature of your pond, are a great way to provide water sounds while conserving space. An outdoor pond with underwater or accent lighting, plants, flowers and colorful koi fish will create a beautiful aesthetic to your backyard that family and guests will love to use for hanging out or relaxing. Add a small ledge with a trickling waterfall for running water sound and you will feel stress free in no time!


No matter what your taste or style, there are new and exciting trends to try in 2017. But most important of all is to create a space to relax and enjoy!