How to Build an Above Ground Pond


Items You Will Need:

Step 1

Place the rigid liner in the desired location and mark where the wall blocks should rest. Place the base row 6” away from the bottom of the liner.

Tip: To prepare the base row on a solid surface, the rear “lips” of the block must be removed by striking them with a sledgehammer (approximately ten stones).

Step 2

Begin building the next tier of the pond wall. Each block has a “lip” located on the back of the stone. This lip creates a “lock” effect. When placing the lip down, make sure it is centered over the gap of the bottom tier. Repeat step three for the third and fourth tiers

Tip: The seams should not line up when creating the second, third and fourth tiers.

Step 3

Add Complete Filter Box with Pump. Fill the rigid liner with water to 2” below the top of the liner.

Optional: Add spitter using the diverter valve and 1/2 in. ID tubing.