170 GPH Fountain Pump with Auto Shut-Off

Item #: 52299 / MD11170AS

UPC: 871980305634

Relax and enjoy your fountain both day and night with our 170 GPH Low Water Shut-Off Fountain Pump. We recommend this pump for small to medium fountains that are located in windy, arid or hot areas. It’s also an excellent pump if you sometimes leave your pump running while you’re away. Fountain pumps fail when water levels drop to low levels or run dry. This medium-sized pump features our patented Low Water Shut-Off smart Technology that automatically senses when the water level drops. This quiet energy efficient pump can produce fountain heights up to 4 ft. high with an adjustable water flow control.

  • The 170 GPH Fountain Pump with Auto Shut-Off is ideal for use in small fountains.

  • With a maximum pumping height of 4 ft., this energy-efficient pump helps power fountains with an ideal pumping height of 3 ft.

  • Patented Low Water Shut-Off Technology detects when the water levels reach below 1 – 1 ½
    in., which prevents pump burnout.

  • Perfectly fits into existing fountains and water features. These pumps may be small, but they are built to pump a lot of water.

  • All TotalPondFountain Pumps with Auto Shut-Off have an adjustable flow control to fine-tune the flow rate.

  • Pump design allows for simple and quick access to all moving parts; no tools necessary.

  • This pump includes a 16 ft. power cord to allow for flexible installations.

  • TotalPond pumps are not recommended for use in heavily chlorinated water or water with high pH levels. We recommend its use in fresh water temperatures ranging from 41°F to 86°F.

  • For best results, we recommend using the largest tubing size recommended in the product
    specifications for reduced friction and maximum flow.

  • Compatible with 1/2 in. ID tubing

  • Dimensions: 3.5 x 2.5 x 2 in.

  • 1 year warranty